Below are some links to tools that are offered for use through our website. These tools aim to help you in your personal preparedness my providing information that you can download and generate here on our site. Some of these tools may require software (like Microsoft excel) to utilize these tools.

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Food Calculators

Below, are some links to the food storage calculators. Click “View Page” to see the content of each food storage calculator.

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Gear Templates

Below are some pages that provide links out to different types of gear that I recommend. Some of the links on this page will take you over to Amazon to purchase and learn more about the products. Feel free to click on the “View Page”.

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A standard looking two level house with a grey roof, and a small chimney. The house rests on three stacks of bundled $100 dollar bills.

Mortgage Calculator

The mortgage allows for you to calculate how long you have until financial freedom from your mortgage (assuming you have one). Given there can be significant monetary savings in the form of reduced interest payments in paying off your mortgage early. Paying off your loans not only saves you money, but it also helps you increase your preparedness with …

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NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Effective communication is important during stressful times, below are the corresponding Alpha-Phonetic pronunciations for the letters of the English alphabet, along with the Numeric-Phonetic pronunciations also. You will benefit in your life for committing this to memory, and it provides for the most effective means of communicating the letters of the alphabet when you are speaking over a phone with a poor connection, …

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