Video Worth Watching: LDSPrepper “Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Made Easy”

small white bucket attached to a orange bucket via a black tube, the orange bucket is then connected to a tall white bucket via a black tube also, the white bucket has bubble-wrap foil around it for insulation, this is on a table with a gold floral pattern, in a dining room

Self Watering Container Garden Plans by LDS Prepper

This weeks featured video is a YouTube video from LDSPrepper. He goes over how to make a self watering container garden. This container garden is perfect for people that both live in urban areas, along with suburban and wide open areas. His plans for a self-watering garden take the guesswork out of designing your own container garden system, and they also are budget friendly, everyone should check this video out.

LDSPrepper uses a small bucket with a float valve in it which means that the hose can provide water to the irrigation system constantly and the water flow will be shut off when the white bucket gets too full of water. The buckets are connected with drip irrigation tubing and grommets are used to make the bottoms of the buckets water tight. He also uses some bubble-wrap foil to insulate the bucket to maintain a good growing temperature in the bucket. Check out LDSPrepper’s video below on how to do this project.

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