Prepping: The Role of Firearms

Fotress CannonSummary: There is more to prepping than firearms. You can only shoot one gun at a time.

One thing that some preppers and survivalists really get hung up on is what types of firearms they have, and how much ammo for each weapon these extreme survivalists have. While being able to defend yourself is highly important in a survival situation, and being able to hunt and procure your own food is important. The fact is that you can only operate one (maybe two) guns at a time.

Personally, I feel that in suburbia and urban areas a good shotgun and a good handgun will go a long way if you ever need to defend yourself against an aggressor, and personally I primarily lean toward the handgun. Having a good handgun that is reliable is going to be more of a service to you, then a AR-15 or a AK-47 will ever be. Granted. there is always the possibility that society could collapse to the point where these types of weapons may come in handy.

My logic is, If you think about deploying a AR-15 or AK-47 say, after a tornado (or any other common disaster), you will likely be arrested and charged with some sort of crime and at the very least draw a bunch of un-needed attention to yourself. Whereas a handgun is conceal-able. In the much romanticized WROL scenario, people the AR-15 or AK-47 may likely come in very handy, and if you are preparing for such a scenario it would be a great disservice to yourself to not have an assault style rifle.

Either way, the most important thing with using your firearms is practice, practice and more practice. Having a weapon sit on a shelf and never taking it out to the range and getting a feel for the weapon, and improving your own skills and familiarity with the firearm can only do you more good. And if SHTF ever happens, and you need to defend yourself you will be able to do it effectively.

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