Prepping Link: Food In Jars

Green Pickles in Jar, with Pickling Spices, on a Straw Matt

From Marisa McClellan’s Food In Jars Flickr Page

While the Food In Jars is not a “Prepping” or “Survivalist” site. Marissa from Food In Jars, puts out great recipes on her website, some of the recipes being a little more exotic than I would ever do but, she still puts out a-lot of great information on how to can and preserve food.

The Food In Jars website is defiantly worth being subscribed to just to get great ideas on how you can preserve different items. You wont find Marissa putting out recipes on how to can bacon, or doing anything that is generally recognized as not being safe with her canning, but if there is one person you should emulate with your canning, it should be Marissa from the Food in Jars website.

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