Prepping: CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon)

.357 Magnum, Chrome gun with cylinder open, and spurred hammer

.357 Magnum

For a prepper the name of the game is being prepared for anything, this includes when you are out grocery shopping.

While knives and pepper spray might ward of a violent attacker, what if they don’t? It is nice to be able to say with certainty that you can even protect yourself when a violent attacker presents lethal force against you.

I believe CCW is effective for a couple of reasons.

  1. If someone approaches you with violent intentions you will be able to neutralize that threat if you are carrying a concealed firearm.
  2. For the person that chooses to not carry a concealed pistol, CCW still benefits them because the possible attacker may always have the question in the back of their minds, “What if this person is carrying a concealed pistol?”
  3. If a threat presents itself in the general area where you are, you may be able to neutralize that threat before the police are able to respond.

Consider, CCW even if you are not a prepper to make yourself, your family, and your community a safer place.

If you are not sure if your state has concealed carry, you can check the following map.

USA Carry Map

This is a map of the states that will issue CCW or Carry permits.

[warning]Always Observe All Applicable Laws and Safety Practices When Handing a Firearm

“Assume, The Firearm is Always Loaded, Until your Clear it Yourself.”

Feel free to post how you feel about CCW below in the comments section, and if you do CCW, what kind of gun do you carry?

The image of the .357 in this post is used under the CC licence, the image can be found here.

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