Prepper Entertainment: Inspiring Tails of Survival (Post# 1)

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Movie Projector

I have wanted to write an article like this for a while now, but have unfortunately been tied up with school and other engagements. I am planning on doing more articles like these

In entertainment there is a-lot of sub-par plot-lines and immoral garbage, but there are quite a few shows that inspire that feeling of “hope in humanity” or that feeling of wanting to overcome severe challenges in the midst of severe opposition. The following is a list of shows and videos that I feel are quality entertainment that inspires such feelings.

Jericho“Jericho is an American action/drama series that centers on the residents of the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas, in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States.” While Jericho does not specifically focus on methods or tactics that a person might use in a post apocalyptic world, it does focus on a community that has to come together after a large-scale disaster and organize to overcome everything from looting, to an highly organized clandestine conspiracy within the US Government. This television series made me think about how my own community might organize after a severe disaster.

Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series): It might seem strange to have a prepping/survival blog have a television series that is science fiction based in space, but I would argue that while the story is purely fiction, the story is about the remaining human population after a serious nuclear attack on their home world causes them to evacuate to space and run from their sentient robot (cylon) creations whole are attempting to annihilate the remaining human population. I think this series is interesting because it really makes a person think about the stresses after a serious disaster and how relationships might form after a disaster. It also inspires that feeling of wanting to overcome all the odds against the survivors.

Below is a embedded video of one of the speeches that the Admiral Adama makes before attempting a mission to rescue a mother and daughter from the antagonist’s stronghold\ship.


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