Politics: Give Every Lady a Gun

I have a fun thought experiment for everyone:

Say the government tomorrow gave every woman (that could pass a background check) in this country tomorrow received a .38 special from their local sheriff and likewise was allowed to carry that gun concealed. Obviously, this would be all over the news and would be the topic of much public discussion. And say only 50% of the women that received the free gun chose to carry that gun.

What would happen to rape or violence against women in this country?

I can guarantee you that it would drop to next to zero; because every piece of scum in this country that would even consider doing something like this would think twice about it because there is a 50/50 chance of them getting severely maimed or killed committing their atrocious acts.

Now… obviously we could expand this scenario and say imagine if instead of only 6 shots with a .38sp, say the sheriff gave the ladies a Glock 19 with the standard 15rd mag and two 33rd mags. Now, instantly you have a lady that could defend herself from a entire gang of thugs.

And here are a few more reminders for everyone.

“Criminals don’t follow the law”

“Gun laws only prevent law abiding citizens from effectively arming themselves”

(To give credit where credit is due…I heard a variation of this from Penn Jillette)

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