Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse (Reflections on Chapter 9)

James Wesley Rawles
Kindle Edition

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On May 2, 2012
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Chapter 9 was very interesting, one of the best chapters in this book so far, describing how this college aged person made his away across the country on foot.

I have been reading Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, by James Wesley Rawles first published in May of 2009. I picked this book up for about $7 and am reading it on the kindle cloud reader and through the kindle android app on my cell phone. Patriots Amazon Kindle ScreenshotBelow are my reflections on Chapter Nine of this book.

[warning]Possible Spoilers[/warning]

This chapter starts out similar to the last chapter with another person showing up at the retreat. This time though, it is not as horrid as the last one, an honest ROTC, prepper, college student stumbled across the retreat in the woods.

  • The student brought up the good point that he was not traveling by any path that people would normally follow (i.e. roads, or paths), instead he was following the same paths ‘that the deer follow’. This meant that he was less likely to get ambushed while moving across the country.
  •  The ROTC student also tells the retreat group how he wished instead of purchasing a gasoline vehicle, he had wished that he had purchased a diesel Volkswagen Jetta (or similar vehicle that used diesel as a fuel source). Given that all of the gas stations were out of gasoline, but diesel could be found almost everywhere. And even if proper diesel was not found diesel mixed with cooking oil would of worked, or even home heating oil, which is diesel with a dye added to make sure that people don’t try and dodge their road taxes but running their vehicles on heating oil instead of road diesel.
  • Also, post collapse the student noticed that the trains were still running, once his vehicle ran out of gas, he decided that he might be able to catch a northbound train back toward his hometown.
  • Dough also learned that not only do survivalists bury caches of supplies but, the hobo he meat in the railroad yard had said that he had caches of goods also in different places in the country, and the other hobos also did the same.
  • During the winter, the new recruit explained how he survived in a cabin in the woods, and slept most of the winder and and venison jerky. Once he was done with the cabin, he explained how he left the cabin in better shape then when he found it.
  • Doug also described how he had a bad tooth that had started to rot, and he needed to remove it, he ended up having to tie the tooth to a bent over sapling and allowing the sapling to fling the tooth out.
The group asked Doug what his regrets were, what he had wished he had done differently.
  1. He had wished he had a good defensible retreat location.
  2. He had wished that he had cached MREs off of his route from school, and he also had wished that the cached some gasoline.
  3. He wished he had a pocket sized Bible
  4. Some waiters to prevent his pants from getting wet every-time he had to interact with water,
  5. Take better care of his teeth, he said that some salt and a tin of baking soda would of went a long way in taking care of his teeth.
  6. A good high quality tent.
The chapter ends with Doug the ROTC student being voted in as a member of the survival group, given his military background and interest in guns he got along with the members of the retreat well.

I will keep reading, I will let you all know what I think of Chapter 10 of the book soon. Feel free to post your own reflections in the comment area below this blog post on Chapter 9 of the Patriots book.

Chapter 9 was very interesting, one of the best chapters in this book so far, describing how this college aged person made his away across the country on foot.

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