Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse (Reflections on Chapter 4)

James Wesley Rawles
Kindle Edition

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On May 1, 2012
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Chapter 4 read very quick, and was appropriately titled "Gearing Up". It discussed the topics of standardization, specialization, and acquiring gear.

As you may already know based on my three earlier posts, I picked up Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, by James Wesley Rawles a bout a day ago this book was first published in may 2009. I picked this book up for about $7 and am reading it on the kindle cloud reader and through the kindle android app on my cell phone.

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Below are my reflections on Chapter Four of this book.

[warning]Possible Spoilers[/warning]

  • This chapter starts out with how the group decided on gearing up.
  • Rawles spends a good portion of the this chapter drawing attention to the importance of a survival group standardizing on weapons. Standardized weapons mean two thing. First, it means that when weapons break there will be spare parts that can be swapped between weapons. Secondly, it means that if your survival group ever gets into a fire fight, and one person runs out of ammo before another person, magazines for the weapons can easily be interchanged.
  • There is a discussion in the rifle standardization part of this chapter, that discusses why some of the people (smaller framed people) wanted to standardize upon NATO 5.56 (.223 Remington) while others in the group wanted to standardize on NATO 7.62 (.308 Winchester), these were the larger framed men.
  • Specialization, is another topic discussed in this chapter, while everyone in the book’s survival group were expected to have the same base set of skills, members of the group were also encouraged to specialize as appropriate to make sure that the group was a range of skills at their disposal.
  • Another type equipment that the group needed to standardize upon was communications equipment.
  • The end of the chapter was interesting because it talked about how the group procured high-explosives (which are used to remove tree stumps, or make a hole in the ground in a hurry. I felt this was an interesting fringe twist at the end of the chapter, as it kinda sounded less like a practical preparedness item, and more of a “crazy survivalist” item.

I am going to keep reading, I will let you all know what I think of Chapter 5 of the book soon. Feel free to post your own reflections in the comment area below this blog post on Chapter 4 of the Patriots book.

Chapter 4 read very quick, and was appropriately titled "Gearing Up". It discussed the topics of standardization, specialization, and acquiring gear.

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