Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse (Reflections on Chapter 10)

James Wesley Rawles
Kindle Edition

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On May 2, 2012
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Chapter 10n was another great chapter, providing details in how the retreat group handles refuges, how new members are assimilated into the retreat group, and how the LP-OP is configured,

I have been reading Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, by James Wesley Rawles first published in May of 2009. I picked this book up for about $7 and am reading it on the kindle cloud reader and through the kindle android app on my cell phone. Patriots Amazon Kindle ScreenshotBelow are my reflections on Chapter Ten of this book.

[warning]Possible Spoilers[/warning]

  • This chapter starts out with the passing of some refuges through the country road in front of the retreat. The group true to their protocol ambushed the refuges from the large city nearby and questioned them as to what they were doing. The refuges answered, and told them that they were low on supplies, the retreat group then gave the refuges some supplies and sent them on their way with a warning that if they came back for more supplies from the retreat group, they would receive nothing, and if they tried to take supplies by force from the retreat group, the group warned the refuges that they were highly trained, and had very good security.
  • Another set of refuges shows up at the retreat, and they are ambushed by the retreat group in a similar fashion. This time though the refuges that showed up, had a bunch of specialized machinists tools and they had valuable skills that they could bring to the retreat group. Once the refuges had been interviewed, the retreat group had a quick meeting and decided to extended an offer to allow this group of people to also join the retreat group.
  • This chapter spends a little bit of time drawing attention to the fact that someone who is able-bodied and able to work hard, and that has valuable skills (like machining) in this case can add a ton of value to the retreat group. In one example in this chapter the new addition to the retreat group was able to fabricate extra magazines for a battle rifle to better equip the newcomers in the case of an extended fire fight.
  • The world around the retreat was breaking down more and more at this point, they are learning that there are roving bands of gangs and prisoners that are looting, raping and pillaging. The retreat group in this book are really living in what preppers and survivalists call WROL (Without Rule of Law).
  • Chapter 10 also finally provides details into the LP-OP post that they had set up. They describe it as being 5 feet down from the peak of a hill, dug down, and equipped with different levels for different height people to stand on. There is a field phone located in the LP-OP along with some backup signaling devices like a compressed air-horn and flares, along with being equipped with a specially modified shotgun that is good for close encounters with an aggressor.

I will keep reading, I will let you all know what I think of Chapter 11 of the book soon. Feel free to post your own reflections in the comment area below this blog post on Chapter 10 of the Patriots book.

Chapter 10n was another great chapter, providing details in how the retreat group handles refuges, how new members are assimilated into the retreat group, and how the LP-OP is configured,

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