Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse (Reflections on Chapter 1)

James Wesley Rawles
Kindle Edition

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On May 1, 2012
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Chapter 1 was a good fast paced introduction to the book, I am looking forward to continuing reading this book.

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Patriots: Surviving the Coming Economic Collapse

I just picked up Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, by James Wesley Rawles (I know I am late to the game as this book was first published in May of 2009). I picked this book up for about $7 and am reading it on the kindle cloud reader and through the kindle android app on my cell phone.

Below are my reflections on Chapter One of this book.

[warning]Possible Spoilers[/warning]

  • I like that the book wastes no time throwing you into the economic collapse, there is no long drawn out back-story in chapter one of the book. Chapter One moves very fast paced, narrating how hyperinflation took off, and threw the entire planet into WROL (Without Rule of Law).
  • The group that this book describes is a survival group of professional people from across the country that all meetup on the west coast to form a survival retreat.
  • Before reading chapter one of this book, I had never thought about the actual granular monetary effects of inflation on the people and economy. I had always known that inflation could drive prices up, but had never really stopped to think that in a hyper-inflation scenario, a can on beans at the grocery store could go up to $100s or that professionals could start demanding to be paid every day (rather than bi-weekly) because inflation would be running away so quickly.
  • Another consideration that I had never made is that companies during an economic crisis would depend on the grid to keep the power going to maintain their machines, the author describes an ammunition manufacturing plant that was no longer able to make ammunition after the power grid failed because they depended on keeping the molten metals hot, once the molten metals cooled, the plant was no longer able to make ammunition and the plant was essentially ruined forever.
  • Another, important thing that the author also points out is that during a collapse or large-scale crisis situation is that prisons may not be able to contain their inmates after their generator power runs out, this essentially leaves two options, mass prisoner escapes or releases, mass prisoner executions.

I am going to keep reading, I will let you all know what I think of Chapter 2 of the book soon.

Feel free to post your own reflections in the comment area below this post.

Chapter 1 was a good fast paced introduction to the book, I am looking forward to continuing reading this book.

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