Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse (Reflections on Chapter 12)

James Wesley Rawles
Kindle Edition

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On May 3, 2012
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Chapter 12 is really interesting, describing the first contact between to retreat groups, and the forming of an alliance.

I have been reading Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, by James Wesley Rawles first published in May of 2009. I picked this book up for about $7 and am reading it on the kindle cloud reader and through the kindle android app on my cell phone. Patriots Amazon Kindle ScreenshotBelow are my reflections on Chapter Twelve of this book.

[warning]Possible Spoilers[/warning]

This chapter was really interesting because it covers as the Patriots retreat starts reaching out to other farmers in the area of their retreat. As they reached out to more and more of the farms in the area, they realized that multiple farms were collapsing down into one farm, this allowed for the farms to complete the work needed, with the requirement of more man-power to complete the farm chores; more people are also required on each farm to protect each other.

As the group is reaching out to the farmers, they start to realize that there is another heavily prepared retreat in the same area of operations of the original retreat group. This presented many questions to the original retreat group featured in this book, because they were wondering if the new retreat group called the ‘Templars’ were honest, good people; of if these ‘Templars’ were trying to establish some sort of anti-American political system.

The importance of communications is demonstrated in this chapter CB Radio were instrumental in these two groups making first contact. The original retreat group ended up giving channel and contact time information to the farmers in the AO (Area of Operations) of the ‘Templars’ , after a few days the Templars ended up making contact with the original retreat group, the original retreat group, who started calling themselves the ‘Northwest Militia’.

Given that communications via radio is not secure the groups decided that they would send ambassadors for their groups to meet half way between their strongholds and have a first contact between the groups. The first contact did not go as well as the groups would of hoped, as the Northwest Militia, about half the size of the Templars, but highly trained in tactics did not want to join the Templars. What ended up happening is that the groups ended up forming an alliance, drawing out borders and mutual aid covenants.

If you are in a retreat group, it is important when encountering other groups to use diplomacy. The Northwest Militia in this chapter when approaching the different farms, developed a protocol to approaching the farms, by waving a white flag, and lowering their weapons, to appears as less of a threat to the farmers, they were then able to offer aid, and gather valuable information about what was happening in the area surrounding their retreat.

I am interested to see how this alliance develops. I will keep reading, I will let you all know what I think of Chapter 13 of the book soon. Feel free to post your own reflections in the comment area below this blog post on Chapter 12 of the Patriots book.

Chapter 12 is really interesting, describing the first contact between to retreat groups, and the forming of an alliance.

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