New Content Added: Food Storage Calculators

A Food Storage Calculator that is setup as a HTML table that calculates a families food storage need for one year, based on the size of their family.

Prepping Blog's Food Storage Calculator

We have been working hard to get content added to the site, while the content has not been added in the form of blog posts as of late, there has been content added to the static pages of the site.

Checkout the Basic Food Storage Calculator and the Advanced Food Storage Calculator.

The Basic Food Storage Calculator allows for you to get a rough idea of what your families food storage needs will be for one year. The calculator is based on the LDS food storage guidelines, which is a trusted source for information regarding food storage, given the LDS church’s emphasis on being prepared.

The Advanced Food Storage Calculator is downloadable content from the tools section of the PreppingBlog website which allows for you to make a custom analysis of what your families food storage needs are for a custom length of time, so if you are just wondering what it might take to get to a 3 month supply of food you can put in 3, in the month area of the excel document, if you are looking to estimate 2 years of food storage you can place 24 in the month value box of the calculator, and will give you a rough estimate of the costs associated with your families food storage needs.

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