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YankeePrepper.com is a new website put up by the user YankeePrepper from YouTubeYankeePrepper.com is currently offering Green, Unroasted Coffee beans, these coffee beans are hand picked beans that are from “micro-lot” farms located throughout the world. I have personally purchased some green coffee beans from YP, and roasted them up myself and the coffee is far superior to anything that you can purchase off the shelves at your local grocery store.

Most people don’t realize that the coffee that you find at the local grocery store is usually the cheapest coffee that the retailer can find, and they sell this coffee at the highest price they can possibly get away with. After coffee is roasted, it generally will go stale after a week. This means that most coffee offered on the grocery store shelves is likely the lowest quality coffee that the retailer could find, and it is already stale because of the time it took to get the coffee from the industrial roasting facility to the store.

Personally, I did not realize how good coffee could be until I tried fresh roasted coffee, there are flavors on both sides of the spectrum that you do not taste in the stale coffee from the grocery store or the coffee from the gas station. I don’t even know how to describe the flavors found in the fresh roasted coffee, other than to say, if you imagine a rain Forrest with all the different flowers and trees in there it tastes like beauty of the rain forest (I don’t mean to sound like a hippy or anything but it is the only way I can explain it).

Yankee is also offering the AeroPress, which is a great french press system to produce single cups of coffee or espresso;  I do own a  AeroPress and do enjoy it and Yankee is offering it at a very competitive price.

Yankee has put up a couple of videos on how to roast your own coffee, these videos are embedded below.

Below is a video by Yankee titled: “YANKEEPREPPER.COM is OFFICIAL…DIY or GO HOME.

Below is a Video by Yankee titled: “AEROPRESS – The Ultimate Tactical Coffee Maker.

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