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PreppingBlog.com is blog about preparedness, survivalism and homesteading, written by Nathaniel Merrill.

This site accepts payments and/or products and earns income from one or more of the below methods at any given time:

1. Affiliate Programs – I currently participate in the Amazon Associates Program. Purchases made through these affiliate links on PreppingBlog.com pay out a small referral fee.

2. Advertising Networks – I am currently a member of one ad network, Google Adsense. Google feeds ads into specific areas of PreppingBlog.com. I do not actively monitor the ads served, but can request that ads be removed if I get negative feedback about them. I make money on this ad network on either a per impression or per click basis.

3. Sponsorships and Private Ads – Occasionally, I will accept sponsors on PreppingBlog.com. Any time this occurs on this site, it is prominently labeled as such. I also, on occasion, offer certain brands the opportunity to have small ads along the right side of my site. These are always posted under an advertising or sponsorship banner.

4. Products – I frequently receive books for free from publishers for potential review. I also occasionally accept products, for review on this site. If I am compensated in any form, or given anything for free, I also disclose that within the relevant post.

5. Other Websites – I also am the owner operator of Prepper Outfitters LLC, I will occasionally post links to products that are being sold through that website, of which I directly profit from sales there.

Whenever I write about a book or product on this site, know that the opinions expressed are always mine. My positive opinion cannot be bought.

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