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TheLowBuckPrepper “LowBuck” is a new channel name for the prepper that was featured a while back on this blog called LowBuckPrepper. Lowbuck’s format has not really changed since changing his channel name, he still focuses primarily on having fun, and sharing information; as his name suggests his channel focuses on cost effective ways to prep.

If by chance you missed his channel renaming you should subscribe to his channel by clicking here.


Personally, I have a hard time watching LowBuck’s videos but, he does have a fairly large following with ~5,000 subscribers, and averaging 500+ views on his videos.

I still enjoy keeping up on his channel though as I consider him part of the core group of “YouTube Preppers” that like to have fun on YouTube that are still making videos. LowBuck is not afraid to try new things and test his preps. I belive I have seen him pepper sprayed, and tased.

Sample Videos

“More Bang For Your w-The Lowbuck-Coconut Oil”

“Budget Prepping and How I Started”

Merry Christmas! Wed, 25 Dec 2013 20:15:38 +0000 Merry Christmas! To everyone that follows Nate’s Homestead and PreppingBlog.

Featured YouTuber: Fresh Princess Tue, 24 Dec 2013 15:18:51 +0000

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Fresh Princess YouTube

Fresh Princess from YouTube

Fresh Princess “Fresh P” is Wranglerstar‘s sister, she started uploading videos in late 2013. Fresh P’s content follows the idea that food is medicine, and to live a healthy life you need to eat healthy. I am not sure if Fresh P would consider herself a prepper, but she for sure falls into the cooking channel and homesteader groups on YouTube.

Summary \ Commentary

Consider subscribing to Fresh P’s channel if you enjoy Wranglerstar‘s channel or wholesome healthy cooking. Fresh P’s channel looks like a channel that will be around for quite a while on YouTube, and personally I think it is very fun to watch a YouTuber evolve from a small channel with low view comments to a “big channel” with lot’s of views.

Sample Videos

Fresh P is new to YouTube as of the publishing of this article there may already be newer and more better videos up on her channel than the ones listed below. Click here to go to her channel.

“Just One Reason Why You Should Learn to Cook”

“Homemade Mayonnaise in Under 2 Minutes”

“Winterizing the Chicken Coop”

Review: Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger Wed, 18 Dec 2013 19:09:13 +0000

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Green bag with pals webbing present, load straps under the main flap with over sized buckle, single oversized strap toward back of bag, on white background

Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger

I bought the Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger bag about 6 months ago after searching off and on for a couple weeks on what the best bag for my use would be. I was looking for a bag where I could conceal a larger pistol (I have a Minnesota Permit to Carry) and also easily carry a couple of things I use on an everyday basis (Tablet PC, Leatherman, Flashlight, Lunch, Jacket, et al.), I also knew that my son was going to be born about 6 months after I purchased this bag and wanted a diaper bag that did not look all frilly and dainty.

My big draw to this bag was that the manufacturer and multiple paid shills on YouTube (Read: Sootch), had touted this bag as having a compartment (Camelbak pocket) in the bag where you could hook and loop a holster to the inside of this pocket and then easily slide the bag around on its nice over-sized sling to deploy the pistol. BUT, it turns out that when you sling the bag from your back to the front, this pocket faces downward and makes it impossible to access your firearm while wearing the bag.

Two of the same bag are present in the image, both in coyote brown, the first image is slightly sideways on the left hand side of the image with a hydration bag and tube coming out of the most rear pocket on the bag, the second bay to the right is face down, with the back pointing toward you demonstrating that a pistol could be easily concealed within the large pocket of the bag on a hook and loop holster, the image reads "Maxpedition #0410 Monsoon Gearslinger (Khaki)" and then "Rear pocket can be used as a hydration or CCW pocket." next line: "Hydration bladder and other sample items are not included" the PALS webbing is also very evident on this image both on the strap and the sides of the bag, along with the oversized buckle on the sling.

Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger, Holster and Hydration Pocket

See the second image in this article as a demonstration of how the manufacturer itends it’s use, and also imagine slinging that bag to your front and trying to draw your weapon.

Manufacturer’s Philosophy of Use

Maxpedition intends for it’s gearslinger bag to be a bag that the urban or suburban prepared person can use everyday while running errands and going to and fro from work.

The amazon description for this bag is: “”The Monsoon GearSlinger (#0410) is our large size single shoulder pack with over 1600 total cu. in. of total capacity. Based on a triangular design, the main compartment contains numerous internal accessory pockets.”

Rugged enough for the field and also designed for urban & suburban applications, the original Monsoon™ Gearslinger® carries on your right shoulder and sits on your left hip. It features a durable teardrop-shaped design that includes a spacious main compartment, back-to-back pockets, fixed shoulder strap & concealable waist strap, internal MP3 player pouch & rubberized headphone port and a water resistant protective over-flap. Dual hydration pockets accommodate a 100oz/3L hydration reservoir and 32oz/1L water bottle to help keep you hydrated on long trips (sold separately).

How I use this bag

I have used this bag now as a EDC bag to carry my lunch to work, carry a spare jacket and a couple of tools with me, and it works really well. The single strap does effectively distribute the weight without even having to use the waist band strap. I do live in a semi-urban area and do travel into the urban areas of Minneapolis on a fairly regular basis, this bag does work well walking long distances, just as well as it does getting in and out of the car.

The large buckle on the strap makes getting in and out of the car with this bag a breeze.

As a diaper bag, this bag really excels there seems to be exactly the right amount of room to keep a 12 diapers or so, some wipes, a change of clothes for the baby, and a cloth to change the baby on. As the child starts walking I will be able to add a IFAK onto the pals webbing on the front of the bag to tend to the my kid’s ouchies on the playground.


I do enjoy this bag a-lot, and do use it everyday but my biggest drawback is the reviews that the paid shills on YouTube gave this bag. Granted, I knew they were paid shills going into buying this bag, but I really didn’t think they would have misrepresented this one so bad as something that you can quickly deploy as weapon from.

AND it does work great as a diaper bag.

Video I Referenced

]]> 1
Featured YouTube Prepper: WranglerStar Tue, 17 Dec 2013 15:00:04 +0000

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WranglerStar “Cody” is a YouTube channel that documents his life as a homesteader in the western United

WranglerStar and his Wife

WranglerStar and his Wife

States in the Rocky Mountains. WranglerStar shares a-lot about his life including via his YouTube channel including forest management topics, DIY blacksmith projects, DIY leather-working projects, his wife shares cooking and food preservation information via his channel, DIY tool restoration, and among many other things.

Cody’s channel is very inspiring and continually drives me to want to try to accomplish new tasks and learn new skills.


Cody puts a good amount of time into his videos, you can tell with the high production value of his videos (especially the videos produced within the last year 2013). Cody was named via the YouTube community as one of the nominees for the “partner on the rise” and at this time has apparently won that award (though it has not been announced yet).

Cody never pushes doom and gloom or consumerism via his channel and always puts of a very honest and forthright attitude.

If you have not already checked his channel out on YouTube, go over to his channel and subscribe, you will not be disappointed.

Sample Videos from WranglerStar

“Tools to survive the economic collapse”

“Getting back to basics”

“How I am preparing for economic collapse”

Tip Monday: Cloth Diapers (for the Frugal Prepper) Mon, 16 Dec 2013 15:32:37 +0000

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Saving money is one of the biggest parts of prepping; being able to guarantee your family’s financial well being. When a new child is born to your family, one of the biggest expenses you will face is diapers and a good way to head off this significant expense is to use reusable cloth diapers.

The Needed Gear

Green thirsties brand diaper, adjusted for the different sizes that the diaper can "grow" with your baby to, there is Velcro in the center and multiple snaps present, there are three diapers in the center of the screen with the text under them that reads: "Duo diaper, grows with your baby!" in progressively larger text.

Thirsties Duo Diaper Shells

With our newborn we have been using is the cloth-eez brand cloth diapers, with the thirsties brand duo shells. The cloth-eez diaper is folded and put into the diaper shell and both are reusable.

I am using and recommending the thirsties brand shells as you will only need to buy shells twice (once for newborn to medium and once for medium to xl toddler); as the thirsties shells “grow with your baby, by adjusting the Velcro and snaps on the diaper shell.

When the cloth-eez diaper is soiled we put the diaper into the diapers into the thirsties wet diaper bag where we save up soiled diapers diapers and shells that happen to get dirty throughout the day, and then wash them once a day in the laundry machine.

Note: In our experience with our newborn/infant who goes to the bathroom about 12 times a day in the cloth diapers, we need 3-4 duo diaper diaper shells.

White daiper bag, with black loop on the left hand side, there is a white background patterned with blue, yellow, and brown leave-less trees, some of the trees have black birds in them.

Thirsties Wet Diaper Bag

If you make this purchase with your first born the initial investment is about what you would pay for two weeks of diapers from the department store or from a warehouse store. But, after that two week period the payback is very quick, especially given you can use the same cloth diapers and shells with your subsequent children also. I figure that each time I do a load of laundry with my home-made laundry soap the load of laundry costs me about $0.07 when you factor in natural gas for the water heater, natural gas for the dryer, water for the wash machine, and electric for both.

You will need to purchase the cloth diapers (cloth-eez) in my case at least 3 times, starting out at the newborn size, and then going to the small size, and then to the medium \ large size.

For both the infant and small sizes you may be able to get already used cloth diapers from another parent that is done with having their children. Before the child starts eating solid food the diapers consistently come back to “like new” after being washed, but after the child makes it to the medium or large sized diapers, there is a higher likelihood of the diapers becoming stained and less appealing to use, used from another family.

Washing & Maintenance

Multiple sizes of cloth diapers present in the photo demonstrating the sizes, the newborn size is at the top of the stack, moving to the small size, and then the medium size, then large, and extra large. The diapers have color-coded overcasting on two edges in the same order, orange, yellow, red, brown, and green.

Cloth-eez Prefold Diaper

Before the child starts eating solid food, and if the child is breastfed cleaning the diapers is really easily as the child will not stool a-lot breastfed (babies fed cheap formulas tend to stool more, than babies that are nursed). During this period assuming there isn’t too much stool in the diaper, the diaper can easily be put into the wash machine with an extra rinse, and possibly a prewash cycle set also.

Once the child starts eating solid food, the soiled diaper will need to be emptied of the toilet and then washed.

Note: Once a month it may make sense to bleach the diapers using chlorine bleach, when you do this, it may make sense to rinse the diapers an extra time or two to make sure no chlorine residuals are on the diaper that can irritate your baby’s skin. Doing this more than once a month will cause the diapers to deteriorate as chlorine is corrosive.


To be honest, once our child makes it to the solid food stage I will re-evaluate if I want to continue using cloth diapers as the “gross” factor will really start to set in. But, I do think my frugal-ness will win out, and we will continue to use cloth diapers.

I did get the used cloth-eez prefold diapers from a friend as a gift, as his kids have grown out of the newborn, and small sizes. As of now I am estimating that I am saving about 30 to 45 dollars a week.

[important]Note: I was not compensated in any way to write this article, nor was I contacted by the Green Mountain Diaper Company, or the Thristies Diaper company, this is just simply a product I believe in, that I wanted to share with the followers of my blog.[/important]

Amdro Powerflex: Insect and Weed Killer Sat, 11 May 2013 17:25:19 +0000

Continue reading »]]> I wanted to share this review that I wrote with you all on this blog. I received this product for free through bzzagent, though I have not improved my opinion based on receiving this product for free.

I do think that the Amdro Powerflex does fit into the prepping lifestyle as it takes most of the headache out of having to deal with pest control chemicals. In the event of a worst case scenario weed control and bug control might become a priority. This product allows you to store the concentrate in little bottles and never have to mix the bottles up but, you just use what you need from the concentrate bottle and have a gallon of water in the big tank.

Below is a review that I wrote and shared through the BzzAgent site.

I want to start out this review by saying that this product is GREAT! It really takes the hassle out of spraying for bugs and weeds.

Also, I want to start out by saying that I did work in landscaping for 3 years during my early twenties and always disliked having to mix chemicals.

One of the number one things I do not enjoy doing is spraying for bugs and weeds. I hate dealing with the chemicals, I hate all the waste that is associated with some pre mixed products, but I also hate having to deal with mixing myself and storing what I mixed if I didn’t use it all.

The Amdoro takes all of these headaches out of doing this. While a person should probably use gloves whenever they are dealing with chemicals that kill weeds or bugs, with the Amdoro it is almost impossible to spill anything on your hands.

The Amdoro seems to be really quick and efficient with killing bugs, and is amazingly well designed in keeping everything self contained and easy to store in a really collapsed state.

I can see this product as meeting all of my suburban needs for property maintenance tasks, but can also see this product being easily deployed by small scale landscaping companies, people that live in very urban homes, or even people that live in country homes.

I really cant say how much I enjoy this product and love not having to play with the mixing chemicals and what not. Every time I used roundup, ortho and other concentrates I would end up getting concentrated and chemicals all over my hands and all over the place, where this does not happen.

I really dislike having to use chemicals, but this takes all of the headache out of it and actually makes it enjoyable to do maintenance that requires killing bugs or killing weeds and what not.

Liberty Villages – Awake!Radio Mon, 06 May 2013 20:59:05 +0000

Continue reading »]]> In this episode Robert Rowe (frequent guest blogger); discusses Freedom Villages. Freedom villages are little communities that are popping up all around the United States that are they respect property rights, allow you to do whatever you want with your land, extensively vet their members, and encourage barter economies.

Robert discusses how to vet the village to see if you will fit in there and discusses how the village will vet you out; he discusses even how some of these villages may be scams.

Title: Liberty Villages

Review: All American 941 Fri, 03 May 2013 22:04:51 +0000

Continue reading »]]> White background with a Pressure canner, Silver in color, the pressure canner pot is at the top of the image, with two Bakelite wing-nuts present in the middle of the image, the pressure canner has two Bakelite handles protruding from the side of the canner, the outside is shiny aluminum is highly polished on the outside, there are two grates used for stacking the cans on on the left side of the image, and center bottom the instruction manual is present, to the right leaning vertically against the pressure canner there is the lid with Bakelite handle in the center, pressure gauge attached and toward the top of the canner, vent present toward the bottom of the lid as it is standing on it's side, the weighted gauge shows in the bottom right as a small silver circle.

All American 941


I have used this All American 941 Pressure Canner multiple times now and it is a serious workhorse. This canner will handle 19 quart jars or 32 pint jars on each load.

This means that you spend less time processing your jars, because the capacity is so great. With the average process time being 2 hours and 30 minutes for meat in my house (waiting for canner to warm up, waiting for canner to pressurize, processing and cooling), it can take a long time to process all of the meat we like to can in the fall, on average we do 70+ pints, and all of the broth 30+ quarts. With the smaller All American 921, this literally meant that I would spend the day butchering the meat. Then loading the jars, and processing, and keep loading the canner up well into the night (often past midnight). Having the added capacity of this canner means I am in bed by 10pm when we are doing are huge canning runs of turkey or chicken.

For any serious prepper, or homesteader with a small family or just a lot of meat to can all at once, this is one of the best investments you can make.

The construction of this canner is far superior to any other pressure canner, and this canner is made in the United States. There is no gasket that could dry out or fail like on the Chinese made pressure canners  and the metal is very think and heavy on this canner.

Operating the All American 941:

Once you have packed your jars to the specification of the Ball Blue Book, or to the specification of your university extension office (link: U of M Extension), or other trustworthy source of safe canning recipes; the operation of the canner is as follows.

  1. Fill the canner to the fill line, or to the manuals specification.
  2. Add a splash of vinegar to prevent hard water stains on the jars.
  3. Load the canner with your jars, use the second tier rack (if needed)
  4. Verify no sediment on the emergency pressure relief, vent, and gauge.
  5. Place the lid on the canner with the weighted gauge removed
  6. Twist the lid into place, and clamp the lid down with the wing nuts.
  7. Heat the canner up, wait for steam to start steadily pouring out of the vent.
  8. Place the weighted gauge on the canner. (according to your recipe)
  9. Allow the canner to pressurize.
  10. Once the canner is pressurized, and the weighted gauge starts to jiggle start your timer (specified by your recipe).
  11. Once your timer goes off, turn the burner off.
  12. Allow the canner to cool.
  13. Once the pressure gauge drops to zero, remove the weighted gauge.
  14. Wear appropriate safety gear to prevent any steam burns, and loosen the wing nuts.
  15. Twist to and lift the lid so the steam goes away from you, and not up into your face.
  16. Remove your jars, and allow them to cool.

Specifications of the All American 941:

  • Included: cooking/canning rack and instruction & recipe book
  • Capacity: 41 1/2 Quarts (Liquid), 32 Pint Jars, 19 Quart Jars
  • Dimensions:
    • Inside diameter – 15 1/4 inches
    • Inside Height – 14 1/4 inches
    • Overall Height – 19 inches
  • Weight: 39 Pounds
  • Origin: Made in the U.S.A.
  • Warrenty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Certifications: Underwriters Laboratories Listed

(Jar capacities are based on round regular mouth standard Mason jar sizes)

 Video: All American 941 Pressure Canner

Homeschool – Awake!Radio Fri, 03 May 2013 21:24:30 +0000

Continue reading »]]> In this episode Robert Rowe (frequent guest blogger); discusses homeschooling. This has recently become a hot button topic here in the United States with Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States comments on making home schooling illegal.

Nate (primary person behind Prepping Blog), was home schooled through a co-op type situation where multiple parents would volunteer to teach each other’s kids, and there were two full time teachers (one for the younger grades, and one for the older grades).

Title: Homeschool Episode