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Fresh Princess YouTube

Fresh Princess from YouTube

Fresh Princess “Fresh P” is Wranglerstar‘s sister, she started uploading videos in late 2013. Fresh P’s content follows the idea that food is medicine, and to live a healthy life you need to eat healthy. I am not sure if Fresh P would consider herself a prepper, but she for sure falls into the cooking channel and homesteader groups on YouTube.

Summary \ Commentary

Consider subscribing to Fresh P’s channel if you enjoy Wranglerstar‘s channel or wholesome healthy cooking. Fresh P’s channel looks like a channel that will be around for quite a while on YouTube, and personally I think it is very fun to watch a YouTuber evolve from a small channel with low view comments to a “big channel” with lot’s of views.

Sample Videos

Fresh P is new to YouTube as of the publishing of this article there may already be newer and more better videos up on her channel than the ones listed below. Click here to go to her channel.

“Just One Reason Why You Should Learn to Cook”

“Homemade Mayonnaise in Under 2 Minutes”

“Winterizing the Chicken Coop”

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