Featured YouTube Prepper: YankeePrepper

An image of a white flag with the green evergreen tree that says "An Appeal to Heaven" on it, with green grass under the tree.

An Appeal to Heaven Flag

YankeePrepper “the elitist” is one of the larger and most well known people in the YouTube prepping community, he has stated on multiple occasional that he was one of the first people to label themselves as a “prepper” on YouTube to differentiate himself from the “YouTube Patriots” and the “YouTube Gun Community”.

Yankee is a common sense guy that does not put up with any crap. Whether it be from trolls, or just so called preppers that do not have their house in order and have no intention on getting their house in order.

A new prepper can learn a-lot about being a better prepper and being a better person by looking through Yankee’s video history.

Below is his embeded video from his channel.

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