Featured YouTube Prepper: WranglerStar


WranglerStar “Cody” is a YouTube channel that documents his life as a homesteader in the western United

WranglerStar and his Wife

WranglerStar and his Wife

States in the Rocky Mountains. WranglerStar shares a-lot about his life including via his YouTube channel including forest management topics, DIY blacksmith projects, DIY leather-working projects, his wife shares cooking and food preservation information via his channel, DIY tool restoration, and among many other things.

Cody’s channel is very inspiring and continually drives me to want to try to accomplish new tasks and learn new skills.


Cody puts a good amount of time into his videos, you can tell with the high production value of his videos (especially the videos produced within the last year 2013). Cody was named via the YouTube community as one of the nominees for the “partner on the rise” and at this time has apparently won that award (though it has not been announced yet).

Cody never pushes doom and gloom or consumerism via his channel and always puts of a very honest and forthright attitude.

If you have not already checked his channel out on YouTube, go over to his channel and subscribe, you will not be disappointed.

Sample Videos from WranglerStar

“Tools to survive the economic collapse”

“Getting back to basics”

“How I am preparing for economic collapse”

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