Featured YouTube Prepper: The LowBuck Prepper




TheLowBuckPrepper “LowBuck” is a new channel name for the prepper that was featured a while back on this blog called LowBuckPrepper. Lowbuck’s format has not really changed since changing his channel name, he still focuses primarily on having fun, and sharing information; as his name suggests his channel focuses on cost effective ways to prep.

If by chance you missed his channel renaming you should subscribe to his channel by clicking here.


Personally, I have a hard time watching LowBuck’s videos but, he does have a fairly large following with ~5,000 subscribers, and averaging 500+ views on his videos.

I still enjoy keeping up on his channel though as I consider him part of the core group of “YouTube Preppers” that like to have fun on YouTube that are still making videos. LowBuck is not afraid to try new things and test his preps. I belive I have seen him pepper sprayed, and tased.

Sample Videos

“More Bang For Your w-The Lowbuck-Coconut Oil”

“Budget Prepping and How I Started”

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