Featured YouTube Prepper: SoCalPreppers

SoCalPrepper with his blue progressive dillion reloading presses in the background with white upper cabinets and a wood bench, with wooden drawers. SoCal is sitting in front of the bench and presses wearing a yellow hat with a brown shirt that has a AR15 front sight right in the middle of it.

SoCalPrepper with his reloading equipment.

SoCal prepper is a prepper that is found in southern California (as his name suggests). He is a very entertaining individual to listen to, and he does have some very informative information on his channel about amature radio and reloading ammunition.

He is closely tied to the Sultan of Shinola who lives in the same general area as SoCal.

Defiantly, check out SoCal if you are looking for a guy that takes some time in putting his videos together and who has a wide variety of good information to share about preparedness (especially as it relates to suburban prepping in a hot climate).


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