Featured YouTube Prepper: DSarti1

David Sarti

David Sarti

David Sarti (YouTube username: DSarti1) is one of the “preppers” that was featured on NatGeo’s “Doomsday Preppers”. I put the world “prepper” in quotation marks, because by my standard and the standards put forth by YankeePrepper, David Sarti is not a prepper.

I would advise anyone considering following David Sarti on YouTube to consider what they are doing. This man has not had the self discipline to stay in shape, in my opinion he continually makes videos with a high shock value to gain views on YouTube, and engages in outlandish postulation of conspiracy theories. Also, he has made statements alluding to that he will have certain portions of his food stores poisoned if for some reason he was overrun in the SHTF.

Below is one of his videos, he sits and rants about how some people should not be “Preppers” when he himself is NOT A PREPPER:

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