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On May 11, 2013
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This product is GREAT! It really takes the hassle out of spraying for bugs and weeds.

I wanted to share this review that I wrote with you all on this blog. I received this product for free through bzzagent, though I have not improved my opinion based on receiving this product for free.

I do think that the Amdro Powerflex does fit into the prepping lifestyle as it takes most of the headache out of having to deal with pest control chemicals. In the event of a worst case scenario weed control and bug control might become a priority. This product allows you to store the concentrate in little bottles and never have to mix the bottles up but, you just use what you need from the concentrate bottle and have a gallon of water in the big tank.

Below is a review that I wrote and shared through the BzzAgent site.

I want to start out this review by saying that this product is GREAT! It really takes the hassle out of spraying for bugs and weeds.

Also, I want to start out by saying that I did work in landscaping for 3 years during my early twenties and always disliked having to mix chemicals.

One of the number one things I do not enjoy doing is spraying for bugs and weeds. I hate dealing with the chemicals, I hate all the waste that is associated with some pre mixed products, but I also hate having to deal with mixing myself and storing what I mixed if I didn’t use it all.

The Amdoro takes all of these headaches out of doing this. While a person should probably use gloves whenever they are dealing with chemicals that kill weeds or bugs, with the Amdoro it is almost impossible to spill anything on your hands.

The Amdoro seems to be really quick and efficient with killing bugs, and is amazingly well designed in keeping everything self contained and easy to store in a really collapsed state.

I can see this product as meeting all of my suburban needs for property maintenance tasks, but can also see this product being easily deployed by small scale landscaping companies, people that live in very urban homes, or even people that live in country homes.

I really cant say how much I enjoy this product and love not having to play with the mixing chemicals and what not. Every time I used roundup, ortho and other concentrates I would end up getting concentrated and chemicals all over my hands and all over the place, where this does not happen.

I really dislike having to use chemicals, but this takes all of the headache out of it and actually makes it enjoyable to do maintenance that requires killing bugs or killing weeds and what not.

This product is GREAT! It really takes the hassle out of spraying for bugs and weeds.

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