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Why does YouTube seem to be one of the primary gathering places for preppers?

Because, it is the easiest way to share opinions quickly, without having to type and take pictures, and then upload to a forum or other website. Also, YouTube allows you to monetize your content which helps some preppers pay the bills.

Can you be a prepper and be out of shape?

Maybe, but you should always be working toward improving your health, if you do actually think that there is going to be some sort of grid down situation, your health and stamina will be important to be able to do all kinds of manual tasks that you many not have to do in your modern life with all your modern comforts.

Why do some “preppers” obsess about zombies?

Because they have nothing better to do than live in fantasies and watch the walking dead on television.

Why do some “preppers” only have guns?

Because, they are not preppers, but are actually mall ninjas that think that the world is going to devolve into some Red Dawn, Mad Max, SHTF, WROL, Doomsday, and they think all they will need to do is fight, and fight some more.

What is a asshat?

Someone that has their head so far up their ass that it looks like they are wearing their rear as a hat.

Why are there some many asshats on the internet?

Because, they have zero responsibility or ambition to do things in real life, so their entire life revolves around what they see on their computer screen. They than obsess about what every content creator that they watch and have to make crappy comments about what others are doing; because they themselves have no ambition to do anything themselves.

Is SouthernPrepper1 a Prepper?


Is DSarti1 a Prepper?


Is James Rawles a Prepper?

No, he is a survivalist.

Why do some “preppers” hide?

Because, they are fearful.

Why do some “preppers” push fear?

Because, they are miserable human beings that want as many other people to suffer in the pitiful existence with them.

To fear is to expect punishment. To love is to know we are immersed not in darkness, but in light.”

Mother Theresa

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