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About Prepping

Prepping is a amalgamation of many different hobbies, including: Homesteading, Frugal Living, Off-Grid Living, Self Sufficiency  Gardening, Doing It Yourself, Cooking, Construction, Firearms collecting, Marksmanship, Reloading, Metal Working, Armature Radio, Wood Working, Bush-craft  Farming, and many other skills and hobbies.

According to this Blog, prepping is NOT living in doomsday fantasies and is NOT just about amassing tactical gear, like you might hear from some popular channels or television shows.

But, Prepping is about improving your Quality of Life, it is about living self-sufficiently and not having to wait around and depend on anyone else to help bail you out in your time of need or during a large scale disaster.

If you are just getting started, feel free to check-out any of the links in the sidebar to the right or on the home-page of this website. and most importantly, if you are just starting prepping, do not buy into the fear that some “preppers” push, and do not go out and start panic buying.

Come along with me on this prepping journey,

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