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About Nate

Hello, I am Nate, my wife and I are the two main people behind Prepping Blog we started this site as a way to share information, while this site is updated fairly regularly, it is one of the many projects that Nate is a part of, and thus this site does (sometimes) fall to the back-burner …

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About Prepping

Prepping is a amalgamation of many different hobbies, including: Homesteading, Frugal Living, Off-Grid Living, Self Sufficiency  Gardening, Doing It Yourself, Cooking, Construction, Firearms collecting, Marksmanship, Reloading, Metal Working, Armature Radio, Wood Working, Bush-craft  Farming, and many other skills and hobbies. According to this Blog, prepping is NOT living in doomsday fantasies and is NOT just about amassing tactical gear, like you …

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About PreppingBlog

Prepping Blog, was started by Nate.The driving idea, behind Prepping Blog thriving under the current circumstances, and also preparing to thrive under adverse circumstances that one could be thrown into through a natural disaster, economic disaster, or even a personal disaster. Our Mission, is to promote sane analytic approaches to preparedness, to not push fear and to promote thriving in …

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Why does YouTube seem to be one of the primary gathering places for preppers? Because, it is the easiest way to share opinions quickly, without having to type and take pictures, and then upload to a forum or other website. Also, YouTube allows you to monetize your content which helps some preppers pay the bills. Can you …

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