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Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse

A book with a grey, blue, clouded background, in small black lettering the words "New York Times Best Time Seller" with James Wesley Rawles in black bold text, the word "Founders" is in bold green text (the largest text on the page). Two people with fully loaded OD Green load bearing backpacks walking down railroad tracks with what appears to be a covered bridge in the past.

A couple of days ago I learned that James Wesley Rawles, was coming out with another addition to the coming collapse series that includes Patriots, and Survivors. The newest book that James Wesley Rawles is putting out is a book called Founders. I also just created the Wikipedia article on the same book.

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New Content Added: Definitions Page

A Blue Clip-art Dictionary, on a white background, with light blue pages, at a slight counter clockwise angle, with bold white text on the front of the book that says "Dictionary"

A new page has been added to the site, called the definitions page. It is a Glossary of survival terms and acronyms, the code behind the page is setup as a HTML definitions list. This allows for the page to easily be indexed by search engines that deliver content based on questions or definition requests. This should …

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New Content Added: Legal Pages

Old Aged Dusty Book, low depth of field in the image, with the background blurred, and the front sharp, the pages of the book are stained and appear to be dusty.

There has been a new set of pages added known as the legal section of the website. These pages outlay this sites handling of information, and also discloses that your good option cannot be bought. If you have any questions about our legal section, which includes our Disclosure, Terms of Service, and Privacy Notice.

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New Content Added: Food Storage Calculators

A Food Storage Calculator that is setup as a HTML table that calculates a families food storage need for one year, based on the size of their family.

We have been working hard to get content added to the site, while the content has not been added in the form of blog posts as of late, there has been content added to the static pages of the site. Checkout the Basic Food Storage Calculator and the Advanced Food Storage Calculator. The Basic Food Storage …

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